About us

We always stick to “High quality product,More competitive price,The best after-sale service”.

Your business matters to us,we are not only provide merchandise,but also provide quality control,quality assurance,and after-sale service.

We assisted our client to create innovative products,the products passed all tests for European market and UK market,Canadian market,American market and Australia market.

We cross your t’s and dot your i’s

What you get

Original—From manufacturer to importer.

Guaranteed—From quotation to delivery.

Competitive—Professional and detailed.

What we provide?

Professional—Years experiences and specific knowledge help us to save up your time and cost.

Faithful—We keep your non-disclosure agreements timelessly.

Authenticated—We follow up feedback after purchase,we don’t ignore any issue.

Special Support

We ever experienced almost all major product tests and audit for European market and North American market,whatever you request,we follow and we execute,till you satisfied.

We also experienced multiple participants projects,we listen and we learn,we organize,we coordinate,we promote cooperation goes the right way.

Whatever you want,whenever you need.

Here we are.


Shanghai Orient Luck International Trading Company

Tel:+86 021-5115 2897